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Farming Practices

naturally grown
grass fed/pastured
Certified Naturally Grown
integrated pest management

Association Memberships
Certified Naturally Grown (CNG)
CSA Information
May through November
Type: single farm
Since: 2010
# of Shares: 20

Full Share:
$25 per week - 10 week minimum 

1/2 Share:
$15 per week - 10 week minimum

Work Req?: No
Farmers' Market: Yes

Technology Information

Computers: Yes
Tablets: Yes
Smart Phones: Yes
POS: Yes
Merchant Services: Yes
CC Terminals: No

Internet: Yes
Website: Yes
E-Comm: Yes
Social Media: Definitely

Cloud Services: Yes
What Types:
 - Google Docs
 - Online Accounting
 - Merchant Mobile Gateway

 - Merchant Online Terminal
 - Data Backup
 - Nest Aware Security

Shop Online for Business: Yes
% Of Business Purchases Online: 60%

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