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PitBull Brand Desktop (Rebuilt & Refurb) PitBull Brand Desktop (Rebuilt & Refurb)
Product #: pb-desktop
Cosmetic Grade: A
Warranty: 90 Day
Number in Stock: 50
Our Price: $80.00

Quantity:  PitBull Brand Desktop (Rebuilt & Refurb)
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The PitBull Brand Desktops Intel i3, 80gb HD, 2gb Ram (Refurbished)

The PitBull Desktop possesses an attractive look as it brings together eco friendly and silent computer features. They has excellent ventilation which ensures that ample amount of air-supply happens throughout these systems.

The Bones:

- Intel i3
- 2gb DDR2
- 80GB HD
- DVD / Read Write
- Linux Mint 17.2

The Treats:

Linux has been evolving for 23 years and is currently supported by over a million developers worldwide. It dominates every aspect of our computing lives except for commercially available pre-loaded laptops and desktops. The simple reason for this is OEM manufacturers are reluctant to load a non-advertized system on their computers.

Linux systems are the ultimate in reliability. Updates cover all installed applications. Over 71000 program packages are freely available from the Linux Mint software repository with a single mouse click. Linux checks the SMART data on drives to alert you when drive failure is imminent. By natural selection, GNU/Linux/Mint is the most desired and easiest to use desktop environment. Computers should be a joy to use, not an endless and costly headache. If you're disillusioned with consumer-grade hardware and proprietary software, then it's time to step up.

Open Source implies rapid evolution and improvement of code due to free access. There's no registration and no licensing needed; you don't need permission to use a Linux system on your computer.

Linux Mint comes pre-loaded with Libre Office, Firefox, k3b dvd burner, Skype, and many others. Linux Mint 17 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019.

We Took This Pup For A Walk!:

We have developed a computer refurbishing process that ensures all computers pass a series of refurbishment stages and meet the highest quality control standards. All computers that meet our standards are deemed “PBC Certified”, which is our symbol for quality and reliability. All systems and hardware have been tested and your Linux Mint 17.2 OS updated.

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